The Last Night In The First House I’ve Ever Lived In, Without A Significant Other

Here I am, lying on my matras (my bed’s already at my new house), on the evening/night of my last night in this house. Although it is just a (way overpriced) house, it has been so much more to me, this last year:

* It has been a safe haven for me and my kids: no matter what happened, I could always go back to this place.

* Literally almost the reason for being homeless, because of the ridiculous amount of rent I had to pay. It felt really strange: I had a safe place, but when I got my paycheck, I had to pay about half of that towards my rent, which made it quite impossible to live the way I wanted.

* On the other hand: it made me appreciate life much more, because I had to pay attention to every euro I had to spent. I know that sounds weird, but I really do appreciate everything more than ever, since I could not just spent my money on whatever I wanted, like it was when I was still married and living in the U.S.

*It was tiny, but it was filled with love. And love, just enough money to get food and all the other essentials in life, and friends & family are basically all you need in life.

*It has been the witness of all my moments of despair, trying to find a way to pay all my bills, while making sure my boys were still getting all they needed.

*This house has seen all kinds of guys coming and going, while I was dealing with all the factors that come with first dates (some were horrible, some were funny in a good way, some in a bad way) and some second and third dates (No, I have not taken all these guys into my house immediately!) This taught me so much about myself. I now know exactly what I do and do not want in a relationship. Luckily I have found everything that I was looking for in the boyfriend that I have now. He is the one.

*It has also seen friends and family come and go. Some of them being there whenever I needed them, without me even asking. Others just coming once, to hear the ‘heartbreaking’ story of my life, to never be seen again (in other words: people who are just curious, without ever inviting you back). Those are NOT friends and I do not miss them. I will however look back, with a smile on my face, on a lot of laughter and fun with good people too.

*It has been the silent witness of my tears, when I really didn’t know where to find the energy to keep going as a single mom of two boys, with a demanding fulltime job, while dealing with money struggles, my rheumatoid arthritis, trying to find a good way to communicate with my ex spouse and taking care of my boys and myself.

So house, when I pack up my stuff tomorrow, know that, (even though you were way too expensive, tiny and old) I will still miss you a little. Especially all the special moments that were made while living inside you.

We have made many, many memories inside your walls. Thank you for giving me that spot, a spot that I needed, but that I’ve outgrown now.

And (Dutch) readers, please make sure you do have a place to stay that is affordable, even though you think your relationship is great. You never know what your life wil bring onto your path. Be prepared!

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  1. Safe travels and good health to you in your next home.

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