The Coronavirus a.k.a Covid-19

Wow, this has been a very strange week, worldwide. Some people have been panicking for weeks now. Others still haven’t picked up on the hysteria.

I’m somewhere in between those two groups. I’m not panicking at all, but I am taking the RIVM guidelines seriously.

I am taking the 1,5m (6ft) distance rule seriously, but I am still going out for a run. I am also going out to buy supplies for my new home. Since we’re all uncertain about how long this will take, we cannot stay home a 100% of the time. And of course I walk my dog and go grocery shopping.

My job as a teacher is one of many vital jobs. I haven’t been able to work from school, since I was sick last week. I did work from home, and it felt very strange. Distancing from students and colleagues I usually see a big portion of my day, felt weird. I miss my students (and colleagues!) a lot. Luckily I have been getting many emails from them, saying they miss me too.

It seems as if some people are still leading their ordinary life, not changing a thing. I really don’t get that, they seem very selfish to me. I am amazed by the youth still gathering in large groups outside. I am flabbergasted by people still going to the beach, being way closer to each other than our guidelines tell us to be. What do these people not understand about spreading the virus at godspeed like that, in a way the hospitals won’t be able to help every patient out anymore?

I also have a hard time getting people who are going into quarantaine without doctors telling them to. Without it being necessary. How are they going to survive for weeks, maybe even months? Are they depending on other people who bring them their life necessities? Kind of selfish, isn’t it? It started on December 12th in Wuhan, China, which is more than 3 months ago. Are they going to stay inside for months?

I felt relieved though, when our government decided to close all schools for students of parents in non-vital jobs, because it just seemed unjust to expose all these children from different families to each other.

One thing I do not understand at all are the people hoarding toiletpaper and hand sanitizer. How selfish can a person be?

Are they not getting that other people need to be clean to NOT spread the virus? Duh!

This virus has brought us some beautiful things too. People are helping each other out. It seems as if the individualism that I experienced when I just moved back from the U.S. to the Netherlands, is getting smaller.

There are Facebook pages being created by citizens, who want to help other citizens, who can’t go out of their houses. Children are making cards to sent to the senior citizens who are not allowed to leave their homes anymore. People are doing groceries for others, cook for them, watch their children, walk their dogs. Things I was used to and loved from the U.S., are finally more visible in the Netherlands too (in the U.S. this unfortunately is always necessary, since their government doesn’t help their own citizens out as they should, IMO).

I love how people are becoming more creative than ever, to stay in touch with one another: playing music from their balcony, standing outside to give all people working in health an applause and reading books and playing music thru FB live. I love all of this so much!

People are finally connecting, while being further apart then ever.

The environment is a big beneficiary of the coronavirus.

And parents finally know for real what teachers are dealing with, every work day.

Parents, please remember that the most important thing you should take care of right now is your children’s mental health.

We are in this together, let’s ALL use our common sense.

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  1. People in the Hubei region are still quarantined so yes, they are staying at home for months.. some people are overreacting but if you are at risk (asthma, autoimmune disease etc) you can’t be careful enough….


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