Finding real ❤ through Tinder #2 or ‘the sequel’

Wow, these last few weeks have flown by. Everytime, when I think I cannot be more in ❤, it somehow feels even better. I don’t think I have ever felt this good.

Some days, I am pinching myself, making sure that this is actually happening in my life. That it isn’t just a dream, ‘cause it sure feels like one.

He is all I ever wanted: sweet, caring, cool, intelligent, tall, muscular, a great listener, respectful, very manly, attentive and reliable. Oh, and he has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. It sounds like a dream come true, right? And it surely is.

We’ve done many things most couples do after months (no I wasn’t talking about sex 😛), like meeting each others parents, each others kids, let the kids meet each other. It all went great. We enjoy each others company as much as possible.

We’ve both been through lots of the same shit and we just get each other. Sometimes he says something, thinks he wasn’t clear enough, tries to clarify himself, while I already got what he meant the first time. The other way around he is here for me whenever I need him. He takes a day off when I have a hospital appointment, without me even asking him. And he arranges a surprise for me after my hospital appointment, telling me to pack my suitcase for the night, when I tell him that I am very stressed from work (it’s hard raising two boys in puberty, while working fulltime).

He knows how to raise two boys , how it feels to be cheated on, to lose someone very close to you. I know it may seem that we are moving way too quick, but I think that we see it differently: why lose more time with someone you were supposed to be with for the rest of your life with?

To us, it feels as if karma finally has found its way into our lives. That we both deserve each other after all the crap we had to go through. We want to enjoy life and each other as much as possible.

Of course there are other days too, in which I feel vulnerable, not sure of how much he loves me. Those are the days when he isn’t around. I am still protecting myself a tiny bit, because of previous assholes who didn’t have the guts to talk about how they felt. We talk a lot about how we feel, in fact, we talk for hours.

I love how it feels when I lie into his strong arms, when he hugs me, how he looks at me, when we hold each others hands, when he is stroking through my hair.

I love his clumsiness, his determination, his honesty, his everything. There isn’t a single thing I would want to change about him (of course the cynics or realists as you would like to call yourselves probably, are thinking: wait until you know each a lot longer…).

It’s simply great to be around him. He sees what needs to be done too. He makes everyone breakfast, he does my grocery shopping, walks my dog, vacuums, cooks, fixes stuff around the house. It may sound untimely, but I think he’ll be around for many more years in sickness and health.

I simply love him for all that he is, for what he stands for and for how he makes me feel. He is THE guy for me.

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