What is 2020 going to bring me?

Well, the first big party I am going to throw is the one of my divorce. We’ve been separated for almost a year now, and the paperwork is signed and waiting on a judge. When that goes through, I’ll open a bottle of champagne. This might become a celebration every year, from now on. A celebration of finding the real me again and feeling much better.

I’ll stay positive, no matter what happens.

I don’t have any New Years resolutions, because I try to do the best I can all year round. I should, however, make more time for writing, relaxing and simply having fun.

I truly hope that 2020 will bring me my ‘Stoere, lieve, zorgzame, betrouwbare man. Een lekker ding met een hart van goud en een ruig randje.’ (‘Cool, sweet, caring, reliable man. A hunk with a heart of gold and a rough edge’, as my friend described my wishes perfectly well). According to my mom, I would meet him in 2020, and you know, moms are always right.

I am also hoping that I will regain the balance in my life, at home and at work. Right now, while working fulltime and having the kids (almost) fulltime, there is no balance at all. I don’t want to be just a mom and a teacher, I need more time to be a friend, a lover, a writer, a runner, a daughter, etc.

I am very proud of how I’ve persevered in 2019, while building a whole new life for the boys and me. We are a very strong ‘trinity’ now. Nobody is ever going to take this past year away from us. It was hard on the three of us, but with the right helping hands, from friends, family and professionals, we have made it. Our bond is stronger than ever.

In 2020 there will be a lot of good things on our path: we will move into our new home, my ex will move back to the Netherlands (which will be much better for the boys, they need their dad in their lives as much as they need me), my job is becoming much clearer (I had a lot to learn starting this school year, because everything had changed, compared to six years ago), I will start a new hobby: pyrography, I will make sure to go line dancing with my friend, and I will meet lots of new people in my whole new neighborhood.

I can’t wait for 2020 to start!

How about you?

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