Thoughts about this year.

Wow, the year 2019 has been a very heavy one. One I will never forget in many ways.

It’s been the year that I…

…moved back to the Netherlands, after living in the U.S. for six years.

…lived with my parents for a few weeks, and I surprisingly enjoyed that to the fullest.

…found out how many great friends and awesome family I have.

…started working at my former job and loved every minute of it.

…got to know many new colleagues and I like all of them in their own unique way.

…lived in my ‘own’ house, without a partner.

…got to know myself very well, which I thought I already learned when we moved to the U.S. Turns out, there’s still a lot more to learn, every day.

…learned how to be a single parent. It wasn’t always easy, but nothing comes between me and my boys anymore.

…got to choose everything in my own house, all by myself.

…had dates with all kinds of guys and learned something from every single one of them (I had dates with 6 guys, so don’t think I am a ….)

…learned I really need a dog in my life, since living without a dog was horrible.

…started writing again, and I really don’t want to live without it anymore.

…learned how to be alone. I mean really alone, not just because I wanted to.

…ate kaki’s for the first time and loved them ever since.

…went to a line dancing class for the first time ever, and never thought I would enjoy it, but I did.

…learned how to take care of myself financially (well… thanks mom and dad, for being there when needed).

…found out I can handle everything on my own.

… learned to ask for help, when I needed it. (Which was hard, because I’ve usually been on the helping end).

…got to choose my own Christmas tree and everything I wanted to put in there.

…went to the forest all alone and really enjoyed myself.

…learned how to use Tinder and enjoyed every minute of it (well, not every minute, some pics guys sent me, I just cannot unsee).

I wish everyone a year like mine. It definitely has been a rough, rollercoaster year, but I wouldn’t want to miss out on it at all.

When one door closes, another door opens, in multiple ways.

Please tell me about your crazy, fun, awesome moments of 2019!

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